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Frustrated that your emotions manage your life and your decisions?

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Because your emotional wellbeing 

miriam esquivel psicologa

About me

I'm Miriam Esquivel, psychologist and author of My Psychology's blog, where I share ideas, tools, tips, suggestions, etc. to achieve emotional well-being and to guide people to create the life they want.

What can I do for you?

If you want to improve the relationship with yourself, increase your self-esteem, heal your wounds, achieve your goals and live your dream, I can show you the way I walked and walk by your side, until you get yours.

Infoproducts and Services

Online Psychotherapy/Coaching

It will help you to feel calm, balanced, serene, safe ... You'll manage your emotions, and act with clarity.

Couple therapy

You'll enjoy your partner, without losing your autonomy. You'll get the time, care and respect to make your relationship a place to stay.


Online video-curses so you can work on yourself and at your own pace. Online School

Learn to manage your emotions so you can make the decisions that take you to the place where you want to be. is not an ordinary school

At school, they don't talk about emotions or emotional intelligence. They also don't ask you what YOU really want in your life.

My mission with this school is to take you to your centre, to that place where you are in charge of yourself and choose the path you want to follow. From respect, love and consideration for yourself and your needs.

Don't let your emotions decide for you.

My online courses

Curso gratutito online psicologia y crecimiento personal

From Emotional Ups and Downs to Your Inner Tranquility 

Beatriz Martínez

“I'm not superwoman and I didn't know! I spent 44 years thinking I was and worse of all... thinking I should be. I thought that everyone expected me to, but no, I AM IMPERFECT and I love my new IMPERFECT life. 

It's curious to discover the small pleasure of imperfection and lack of control.

At the same time I AM WONDERFUL and I do wonderful things, things that make me feel proud of myself, that make me move forward, because progress is not looking at the long road ahead, but enjoying the beautiful journey and taking each towards we want to go.

And so were the months have passed with Miriam, step by step... Thanks for making me ask myself so many questions, for your guidance, for your sweet quarrels and forjoining me in this nice trip through Skype that has connected Sweden and France trhoughout this time.

A thousand kisses from an EX-perfect."

A sufferer

"With you I've learned many things, just to name a few...

To be on my neighbor's shoes before criticizing him.

You taught me that the easiest thing, that is the critic, is what most damages you emotionally, you are poisoning little by little.

That we can transform what we accept.

The more you fight against something the stronger you do it, and when you accept the situation, it stops hurting you.

To be selfish! (It sounded terrible when you told me) It was a sin for me to think about it, but it's very convenient to learn it when you dedicate yourself completely to others and you forget about myself.

And the best, that whenever I need you, you're there.

Thank you"

Jose Antonio García

"Miriam first I want to thank you for having dedicated part of your effort and time to help me achieve one of my goals, which it was difficult for me due to my lack of strength and will.

Also, to tell you that the recommendations and motivational exercises have undoubtedly been adequate and have achieved the goal marked, both weight reduction and after maintenance.

I am very grateful."


"My experience was very good. It helped me to raise my self-esteem and to value what I wanted in my life at that time.

When I went to see her the first time I felt lost and aimless. When the sessions ended, I learned to be constant or at least to try and forgive myself in my mistaken decisions."

Sandra Rivera

"Miriam has accompained me throught several stages of my life. She has always managed to make me see the other side of things, to value myself for what I am, for what I am worth, to fight for what matters to me and, above all, to listen to myself so I know that I want and need at every moment.

I am very grateful because I've been able to take the septs and grow as a person."

Jose & Jose

"We are a couple that we are already been together two and a half years. We had a moment of crisis and decided to go to therapy.

When we started therapy, we were not clear about how to improve the relationship, but we were willing to do what was necessary, when we met Miriam we knew that one of the first steps, was already done, because we were in the best hands.

As we went therapy we had to open up little by little, it wasn't so difficult, since we were very confident with her. The accompaniment we received in each session, from a glance, to the onomatopoeia that mirrored, were so timely, that we could see in which things we were failing.

In addition to the therapies, we had duties outside the sessions, which served us a lot, one in particular was that one of us had to talk for 15 minutes while the other only listened, at first we thought we could not manage, but as the days passed, we could expressed everything we hadn't say to each other. 

To conclude, we want to say that we understand each other more and more, the relationship is more consolidated and thanks for the support Miriam gave us a very important moment in the relationship."

Laura Vidal

"Explaining what Miriam's therapy means to me is complicated... I had the great luck to find an excellent professional, with an admirable empathy and involvement.

Just what you need when you feel lost and don't know who to go... At that time, I was 29, if memory doesn't fail me. I felt bad, very bad about myself, alone, but accompanied by people and with a relationship that made me feel like dying a little bit every day.

With Miriam I learned that I didn't know myself at all, that I didn't know what I really wanted in life, that I didn't know how to be a good mother for my inner Child and if I wanted to be happy, I had to take charge of my life.

She taught me how to listen to myself, to name emotions and to appreciate what I could do if I wanted to turn them into something positive. She was my "traveling companion", yes, she was with me and watched over me until I felt that I was ready to continue alone. And so I began to make decisions that I would've never considered, if it wasn't for therapy.

I started to take responsibility for my decisions and from then until today, I'm still fighting for all that I really desire. Because now I know how to listen, identify my desires and accept what I can not change.

Miriam helped me heal my soul.

Thanks Miriam..."


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