About me

My story…

The Problem

I had a difficult childhood, with a very authoritarian and verbally aggressive father. He never hit me, but his words hurt more than any slap. My father’s alcoholism affected my family, and as a girl, I lived many hard and incomprehensible situations. I grew with a lack of self-esteem and confidence in my abilities. During my adolescence and early youth, I had a small depression.

The Solution

One day, a Louise Hay‘s book fell into my hands. By the reading of that book and the help of a therapist formed with L.Hay, I started a process of personal transformation, which helped me to take  decisions that would change the course of my life.

Changes begin

I was studing Business Administration at the University and I worked in an International company as a secretary.

When I was 19, I left my job, I left my Business degree at the university and I went for 5 months to London, to work as an au-pair.

When I returned, I had decided I wanted to be a THERAPIST.

And so, I began my formal education.

I studied for four years Gestalt Therapy, 1 year Gestalt Therapy for children and adolescents and for another year cases supervision. I also studied for two years Therapeutic Theater and a Technical curs in Dietetics and Nutrition.

And then, I decided to study psychology at the University.

And in all that time, I trained not only professionally but also personally.

I worked my inside to:

rebuild my self-esteem and to trust again in me and my abilities

I closed my wounds

I grew as a person

I overcame problems

I achieved some objectives I proposed myself

Fulfilling some dreams

One of my dreams was to teach children the basic concepts of healthy eating, but in a fun way.

In 2008, I set up an Association with a friend, and for 7 years I have been working for the Barcelona Provincial Council, ​​with more than 300 workshops on:

Nutrition through the Theatre for children

Self-esteem for teenager

Conference on Self-Esteem and Adolescents for parents

I’ve also done other workshops for different schools and City Halls related to Food and Self-Esteem, Eating Disorders, Creativity and Self-Esteem for Women …

Meanwhile, I was attending to people in my private consultation.

But I am a restless person and as I love to learn, after my university degree, I started a Master’s degree in Communication, Problem Solving and Strategic Coaching , and then another clinical Master’s degree in Strategic Brief Therapy.

2017 I became MIndfulness instructor.

With this, I just want to say that, I keep building my way.

Starting my adventure in Internet

In 2013 I started my blog and started writing.

In 2015, my blog became a web and I started to offer online services.

Currently, I am offering online services about:



Couple therapy

In addition I still give conferences and I do workshops, for the moment face-to-face, but soon, also online.

In 2018 I offer my online school and my first online curs.

My mission is to change the lives of people, either in a bit or a great way.

Because today, I can collect all the lessons that life gave me, and offer them to you, so you can also get what you want.

So I hope I can join you at some point in your life, either through my articles, my videos, a process of psychotherapy or coaching or through my courses, workshops or conferences.

See you soon!