The hidden reason why you think one thing but feel another.

Have you ever THOUGHT you can do something but FEEL that you’re NOT capable of it?

You think you’re worth it 
But you can’t Feel it 

You think you do your job well 
But you Feel like you don’t try hard enough 

You think you’re a self-confident person 
But you Feel insecure as soon as you start comparing yourself to others. 

You think you can go far 
But feeling fear blocks you and you can’t act  

And why does this happen? 

You’ve likely experienced some stressful or repetitive situations. 

Or you may have been
told the same message over
and over again
related to you as a person.
(This message can be verbal or non-verbal)

And the result of this can be summarized in this formula: 

Stressful situation/Repetition + intense emotion = 
False (or unrealistic) belief 

Since that false thought was created from an intense experience, 
your brain stored it as “truth”. 

the first stressful situations you experienced were related to your parents or family. 

And then, we can add other things like: 
– Something negative that happened to you at school. 
– Something stressful that happened to you with your friends. 
– Something shocking that happened to you with your partner. 
– Something stressful that happened to you at work. 

And it goes on and on.  
As you can see. 

Due to this wide range of situations… 

Nobody can avoid it! 

Well, that’ll depend on your Resilience. 

Resilience: the ability to keep moving despite difficult or adverse situations. 

If you’re resilient, you can integrate the event into your life story. 

But you WON’T be able to integrate it if the situation: 
– exceeds your stress tolerance level or 
– exceeds the resources you had at that given time. 

And how do you know if you were able to integrate that stressful or intense experience? 


Look for what disturbs you or makes you feel bad  
in your present. 

If you think one thing, but feel another… 
it means you did NOT integrate that experience. 
EMDR helps you create that bridge. 
So you can integrate that memory from a more realistic point of view. 

And so it coincides with your thoughts and emotions. 

What’s the best thing about EMDR therapy? 

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy is one of the most “relaxed” therapies I know. 

Both for the therapist 
and the client. 

With other methodologies, 
I strive to find resources and strategies that can help my clients. 

And the client has to do those “exercises” or “homework” to be able to move forward. 


with E.M.D.R. 
it is your mind that does the work. 

Through bilateral stimulation (that is) 
-eye movement
– tapping or
-sounds in both ears
and the capacity that the body has to heal itself (homeostasis), 
we can say that: 

If you give your mind space and time, itll work for you. 

Among other things, with EMDR therapy you’ll discover: 

-An 8-step system that will help you stop believing the lies your mind tells you, even if it has deceived you your entire life. 

-How to reduce the impact that certain experiences have had (and perhaps continue to have) in your current life. 

-The way to state something based on that feeling and not just from your head. 

-The easiest way to control your body so that it stops reacting automatically and unwantedly. 

-The right mentality to be able to release all your past burdens and limitations, which aren’t even yours.  

EMDR is a methodology with internationally recognized scientific evidence. 

We will have to go mentally and emotionally to the place where the “traumatic experience” or “stressful event” occurred. 

But wait, 
now comes the best part:  


We WON’T focus on that experience. 


We’ll let your mind discover all the associations that have been created around it. 

We’ll seek learning. 

And we’ll make sense of what happened. 

The mind will be able to integrate everything it couldn’t at the time. 


My role in all of this 

You need someone to guide you safely from the present to the past and vice versa. 


you’ll need help to be able to give that experience a different meaning.  

Other times,  
you simply won’t be able to relive that experience alone, 
since you may  
reconnect with some very old emotions. 


And my role is to accompany you in those delicate moments, 
to hold you up 


Are you ready to root out your false beliefs? 

We’ll go to the exact place where those beliefs were created. 

From there, You’ll be able to reduce the
intensity of that emotion
and see the event from a different perspective.  

The eyes of compassion and love. 

You have 3 options regarding the EMDR service 

Single Session (1.5h) – 100.-€ 

I offer this option so that you can pay for the sessions when we do them. But understand that any therapy is a process. 

Unless you have something very, very specific to deal with, don’t expect to get all of this methodology’s benefits in a single session. 

3-Session Pack (1.5h each) – 290.-€ 

In three sessions, we’ll be able to gather all the information and work on it. 

We’ll desensitize ourselves to decrease the pain and reprocess the memory to give it a new meaning. 

5-Session Pack (1.5h each) – 450.-€ 

I recommend this one, because once the mind starts looking for connections, some connections may arise you weren’t even aware of. 

If we have time, we’ll be able to delve deeper. And if it’s something concrete, we may be able to perform the 8-phase process.  

If you want to do a one-on-one EMDR service with me: 

EMDR near Stockholm


How often are the sessions held? 

Sessions can be done weekly, biweekly or monthly. 
Depending on the problem and the objective, we’ll agree on the best option for you. 

Isn’t it a bit expensive? 

I’ll answer this with another question: what’s the price of continuing to live with false beliefs? How much would you pay to get rid of them? 

This therapy goes to the root, to the specific event and from there, you can understand why you’ve been feeling and reacting in certain ways. 
So you can change them. It seems cheap to me. 

What does an EMDR session consist of? What will we do during the session? 

First, we’ll identify the triggers that are currently causing you discomfort. 

Then we’ll identify other situations where felt the same emotion. 

And we’ll look for the false belief that limits you and the alternative thought that you want to incorporate. 

So we’ll start with bilateral stimulation. 

If the session is being held online, I’ll propose tapping or sound. 

If it’s face-to-face (Stockholm or Barcelona) we can do the stimulation through eye movement or combine all of them. 

In each session we’ll also work with emotional management and relaxation techniques. 

I have already done other therapies and they didn’t work for me, why will yours work for me? 

EMDR is very different from other methodologies. This therapy targets the moment in which the negative thought was created, and it doesn’t consist of “talking” but of bilateral stimulation to get your mind to work.  

In any case, my experience as a psychotherapist will mean that, if necessary, we can use different techniques to work on specific aspects. 

I see that you have single sessions or session packs. If I buy the pack, do I have to pay it all at once or can I pay bit by bit? 

No. The pack is paid in one payment, so the price per session is a little lower. 

What if I buy a pack and then I don’t use all the sessions? 

If you have a problem that prevents you from doing any of the sessions, you’ll have one YEAR from the date of purchase of the pack to do the sessions you didn’t use.  

If you can’t do them, you can also give them to someone else. 

And, if you can’t do them and if you don’t want to give them away, we can reach an agreement regarding a refund.  

Of course, during the one year period. You can’t come 3 years later and ask for a refund. 

Do you only do online sessions or also face-to-face? Is the price the same? 

Generally, I do them online, but sometimes, if you live in Barcelona or Stockholm, we can do an in-person session.  

The price is the same online or in person, but in person, you’ll have to add the time and money for your commute. 

What do I need for the online session? 

You’ll need a computer, mobile phone or tablet with an internet connection and headphones. 

I’ll send you the link to the room so that you can connect on the agreed day and time. 

You’ll only need to put the link in your browser. You won’t need to install any programs. 

In any case, if you can have a computer and a mobile at hand it’ll be easier to use bilateral sound stimulation. That way, we can see each other on the computer, and you can hear the music (bilateral stimulation) on the phone through headphones. 

Who is EMDR for? 

It will work for you if… 

Your head or thought is going one way while your emotions or feelings are going another.  

You are currently experiencing emotions or bodily reactions that are somehow linked to a past event. 

You want to change negative beliefs about yourself or your life. 

Don’t buy it if… 

You’re looking for a miracle therapy. 

I know that some people say that a single EMDR session solved their problem. This can happen if it’s something small and concrete, but that hasn’t been my experience so far. 

Is it a good investment? 

Emotional pain hurts a lot. 

Criticism or negative thoughts hurt a lot. 

Stressful experiences that haven’t been overcome will return to your mind and remind you that there’s work to be done.  

To me, investing in your emotional well-being is one of the best investments you can make and the price of not investing in yourself will be maintaining that emotional pain. 

Perhaps the question you need to ask yourself is: how much longer can you go on with those negative thoughts, uncontrollable reactions or memories that are hurting you? Only you can make that choice. 

Allow me to remind you of the three options: 

Single 1.5h session: 100.-€ 

Option to pay for your visit when it’s held, or if you want to work on something small and specific with this method. 

3-Session Pack (1.5h each): €290.- 

In 3 sessions you can unlock some negative beliefs and learn emotional management techniques. 

5-Session Pack (1.5h each): 450.-€ 

Recommended. The intention is that in 5 sessions we can desensitize intense emotions, reprocess information differently and instate new thought schemes.