"COUPLE, Overwhelmed by trying to resolve your differences without success?

How to turn a relationship that just “gest by” into an “enviable” relationship.

Do you still believe that “love conquers all”?

You’re having problems because “he/she doesn’t love you enough”?

Do you think that you “just” need “love” for a relationship to work?

So then why doesn’t it work for you?

Don’t worry, it’s not “just you”. Not you. Nor me. Nor anyone I think.

I also once believed that “love conquers all” and that it could solve any problem in my relationship.

But I discovered that:

Loving the other is NOT enough.

You must give and get.

You have to communicate.

You have to adapt to the circumstances and the life changes.

And also, you have to come to an agreement.

Couple therapy doesn’t have to be the “last” desperate solution before leaving the relationship.

There are situations where the help of an external and objective person, may give new insights into the relationship, that makes the couple walking together again, towards the goal that both want.

Remember that there are situations and moments in life when we have to get help.

Because if you don’t do that, you’ll be DECEIVING yourself, and instead of looking for what is “failing” both of yourself and in the relationship, you begin to wonder whether “he” or “she” is the right person.

Sometimes it is easier to believe that with someone else you’ll be better than to work in what doesn’t work with the couple you are.

When routine, lack of communication and misunderstandings between the couple lead you to not being able to reach agreements and for arguments to become more frequent than good moments, it’s time to stop and seek professional help.

Because if you bet on your relationship, you may be able to transform it so it becomes a relationship that both of you can be proud of.

I’ve created an online therapy process that is easy and comfortable.

And from the first session we will focus on finding this COMMON GOAL that connects the couple.

So you two can side with each other and start building what you want.

What would be your relationship if…?

each one can freely express their feelings and needs to the other

requests are heard and kept them in mind

your relationship is a place of love, support and confidence

the strength of your relationship no longer allows any wind to destabilized it

Who I am


Hi, my name is Miriam Esquivel.

I’m a psychologist and author of the website.

I have more than 15 years of experience helping people to find themselves and that inner tranquility source that lies in all of them.

I use an integrative method although I’m a specialist in Gestalt Therapy, Strategic Brief Therapy, Coaching, and Mindfulness.

How does it work?

I want to help you to overcome your problem or achieve your goal.

I’ve designed 3 phases for this:



Beginning of Therapy

We will establish the common goal of the couple

We will investigate the strategies carried out by the couple, without positive results

We will block the solutions that didn’t work

I will send you exercises between the session which you will have to follow systematically, to ensure the process’ success

In this first phase we’ll have a session every 15 days.

I can ask to see the couple together or individually.



Consolidating changes

This phase will last more or less time, depending on your achievements

It will be important not only to change but to maintain those changes, so there will be a moment when we will have more time between session to check that changes remain



Closing therapy

When you have achieved your goal and it’s been maintained over time, it will be time to summarize the entire process and, with your backpack full of resources, start walking alone


Rosa Mª García 

"My sessions with Miriam helped me to be able to objectively analyze the emotions, feelings and mental chatter in which I spent too much time and energy during my day. I finally could see the real magnitude of my problem with my “ex” – couple and that gave me security and coldness I needed to make the right decision for me. I also learned some relaxation and mental release techniques, which are very efficient and simple, and still today, I use when I need them.

I emphasize her affectionate and sincere treatment addressing the issues and listening to you, what makes you feel very comfortable since the first session. It’s obvious she does it by vocation. In few words, she is an excellent person and professional who radiates calm and serenity."

Jose & Jose

"We have been going out for two and a half years, and we had a  crisis moment, so we decided to go to therapy.

When we started the therapy, it was not clear what was the way to improve the relationship, but we were willing to do whatever that was necessary, and as soon as we met Miriam we knew that we had already take one of the first steps foward, being in the best hands.

As therapy went by, we had to open up gradually, but it wasn’t hard, because with her, we  could feel in confidence. The support we received in each session, from a special look till the onomatopoeia that she made as a mirror were so appropriate, that we could see in what we were failing.

In addition to the therapie, we had assignments outside the sessions, which helped us a lot.  A very particularly one was that one of us had to speak for 15 minutes while the other just listened. At first we thought that we couldn’t do it, but as the days passed, we could release everything we had inside.

To conclude we want to say that, now we understand each other more every day, the relationship is increasingly consolidated and thanks for the support that Miriam gave us in a very important moment of the relationship."

How does it work?

I’d like to accompany you until you can overcome your problem or challenge.

Phase 1: Beginning of Couple Therapy

- We’ll establish the couple’s COMMON objective

- We’ll investigate the strategies that the couple used but didn’t work

- We’ll block solutions that don’t work

- I’ll send you exercises to do during the sessions that will need to be done to
guarantee the process’s success.

Phase 2: Change consolidation

- The phase’s duration will depend more or less on the couple’s achievements

It’ll be important not only to change, but maintain the changes, so sometimes
we’ll space the sessions to give you time to check that the changes are being

Phase 3: Therapy Closure

As soon as you’ve achieved your goal and it has remained over time, it’ll be
time to make a brief summary of the entire process and, with that backpack full
of resources, you’ll be able to walk together again without outside help.

But, I would like to clarify some things:

If we do couple therapy all our problems will be solved?

Couple therapy DOESN'T guarantee that everything will be settled. Because,

what is broken, it’s very difficult to repair.
if love ends, hardly the flame will emerge.
if there is no relationship between you, it’s very lite what we can do.


If both partners are determined to preserve the relationship,

Everything is possible.

Benefits of couple’s therapy

You’ll build the kind of relationship and life you want to live

You’ll change your attitude regarding the couple and between you, which will allow you a new way of relating

You’ll reactivate those behaviors that promote the respect and appreciation for the other

You’ll get new resources to solve your differences

Your relationship deserves it.

Let me show you what other couples that have made a couple therapy process with me, think.

How much does it cost?

You have 3 options:

One online couple Therapy/Coaching session: 90€

You’ll have an external perspective of the blocks that may be affecting you.

3 online Couple Therapy/Coaching sessions pack: 255€

We’ll establish the couple’s goal and unblock the situation.

5 online Couple Therapy sessions pack: 400€

Once the situation is unblocked, we’ll talk about the strategies that will let you reach a common goal.

Why online?

Online therapy through video meeting is very similar to face-to-face therapy, but with some benefits:

Greater schedule flexibility: by not having to move, we can agree on a schedule that suits your needs.

Save time and money: you will save travel time and transportation money.

Comfort and Privacy: you can be at home, sitting on your couch if you want, in your space and with privacy.

Possibility to deal with emergencies: if you cannot handle your emotions, if you feel really down or unusually overwhelmed, we can find a sooner time to speak.


  • What happens if we buy a pack and then we don’t use all the sessions?

    You’ll have one year from the date you purchase your pack to do your sessions, in case something prevents you from doing them for some time after the purchase.

  • Do I have to pay the pack with a single payment?

    Yes. It’s the commitment you both take as a couple. It’s betting on your relationship.

What do I need?

You need a computer, tablet or mobile

with internet connection.

Payment methods

Sessions can be with a credit card.

But Miriam, it is very expensive …

The “expensive” or “cheap” concepts depend on the value you give to what you want to achieve.

How important is it for you to feel good in your relationship?

What value do you give to your relationship?

Why should invest in your relationship seem expensive?

What is the price of NOT going through a psychotherapy process?

You can continue:

Feeling embittered other doesn’t understand you

With the eternal question of whether “this” is the right person

Getting carried away by the routine and apathy

Constantly arguing without reaching any agreement

Why resign yourself to a relationship of “getting by” when you can have a great relationship?

What will you get after a couple therapy process?

icono 7

You’ll recover the appreciation and the respect for the other


The couple will be a priority in your life


You’ll spend time, money and energy to keep the flame on

icono 7

You’ll be able to solve your differences in a different way

How much does it cost?

You have 3 options:

One online couple Therapy/Coaching session: 90€

You’ll have an external perspective of the blocks that may be affecting you.

3 online Couple Therapy/Coaching sessions pack: 255€

We’ll establish the couple’s goal and unblock the situation.

5 online Couple Therapy sessions pack: 400€

Once the situation is unblocked, we’ll talk about the strategies that will let you reach a common goal.

Don’t think too much about it and take the step, your relationship will thank you.